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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The purpose of the Patients' Charter is to explain both your Rights and Responsibilities when you use the services of Vijaya Health Care, Secunderabad. It aims to improve the quality of Health Service delivered to you. Knowing and understanding your rights and responsibilities will make your relationship with us a mutually valuable one.

The Charter is planned in such a way that both you and the Hospital work as partners and involve in a friendly relationship to enhance the effectiveness of the health care process and to serve you the best.

If you enjoy helping people and working in a health care setting, you might be interested in a hospital-related job.

Every Patient has the Right.

Right to Medical Treatment

  • You will be treated with dignity, compassion and courtesy.
  • You will be given appropriate treatment based on your clinical need regardless of culture, age, gender, religion or any social standing or sexual orientation.
  • You will be treated by a suitably qualified health professional.
  • You will receive emergency care whenever you need/ask for.
  • You will receive an OPD consultation at a mutually convenient time and to see the Doctor within a reasonable time of the confirmed Appointment giving scope for the doctors to attend medical emergencies and previous appointment patients.
  • You will receive medical advice and treatment which fully meets the currently accepted standards of care and quality. (The currently accepted standards are those adopted by a responsible body of the profession in the light of accepted contemporary medical practice).
  • You have the right to accept or refuse any medication, investigation or treatment as well as the right to information on the likely consequences of such a refusal.
  • You have the right to ask for a clarification from the administration or a doctor of your choice in case the doctors refuse to continue a treatment.
  • You will be prescribed appropriate drugs and medicines.
  • You will be treated with utmost dignity even at times of extreme critical illness.

Right to Information

  • To know the names of the people treating you and their professional capacity.
  • You have the right to ask for a clear description of your medical condition, with diagnosis , prognosis (i.e. an opinion as to the likely future course of your illness), and of the treatment proposed including investigations, procedures, surgeries, common risks, estimated costs and appropriate alternatives, if any and to choose from them.
  • To be informed of the modification or change in the medical management if any.
  • To receive a clear explanation regarding the services available in the Hospital, how and where you can receive the same.
  • To know the names of any prescribed medication, and its normal actions and potential side-effects given your condition.
  • To be kept informed on waiting times, delays and cancellations.

Right to Choices

  • The right to request for a second medical opinion.
  • The right to choose whether or not to take part in medical research programmes.
  • You are free to choose the language in which inter personal communications to be made during your visit to the Hospital.
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