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Dr. K. Vijaya Laxmi
Health care visionary and founder of Vijaya Health Care
Current Events
This section list the latest press release where Vijaya Health Care has been featured by the media. Keep checking back as this section is continiously updated.

Vijaya Health Care Integrates Suvarna HIMS

Vijaya Health Care has chosen Suvarna Technosoft as it Healthcare IT partner. By deploying Suvarna HIMS modules across the hospital, Vijaya Health Care has been able to achieve rapid productivity gains in the first week of software operation.

Suvarna Technosoft provided a highly customized solution which was optimized to meet Vijaya Health Care's diverse needs and specialized departments and facilities which are present in Vijaya Health Care The management of Vijaya Health Care was highly pleased with the systematic and structured approach in which Suvarna's support team implemented the solution with a minimal switchover time and minimal service interruption to the hospital.

Suvarna Technosoft has provided highly trained software specialists to handle any type of operational problems which might be encountered by the software when being used by Vijaya Health Care. The management of Vijaya Health Care has re-affirmed their belief in the quality and flexibility of the Suvarna HIMS system which is a quality healthcare IT product from Suvarna Technosoft.

Vijaya Health Care Doctors Perform Rare Operation

Secunderabad, Mar 25: For the first time in Secunderabad, the cardiac surgical team at Vijaya Health Cares conducted a rare cardiac operation on two young female patients to heal a hole in between the two chambers of the heart called ASD (Atrial Septal Defect). The young team of doctors led by Cardiac surgeon Doctor1 performed the operation called the infraaxillary minithoracotomy approach, with the help of Heart-Lung machine (Cardiopulmonary bypass) through a very small scar.

The unique feature of this operation is that the scar instead of the regular 10-12 cm in length and positioned in front of the chest is poisoned below the armpit on the right side and is only about 5-6 cm. The scar is not visible when the patient has the hand by the side concealing the small scar below the armpit.

Disclosing the details of the operation, Cardiac surgeon Doctor1 described that the atrail septal defect, would lead to heart failure, risk of pulmonary hypertension if the condition is not dealt with appropriate time. He explained that one way to treat is through a device closure where the cardiologist could use a device to close it without an operation. If that is not possible due to very large size of the hole the surgeon is asked to close the hole and this condition is more common in girls, he added.

Though surgery could be done almost without any complication most of the time,Doctor1 said that the biggest disadvantage is a big scar in the front of the chest. He mentioned that this operation called infraaxillary minithoracotomy approach offers a big psychological boost to the young girls. Apart from this, their recovery from small incisions is faster and they are ready to go home as early as 4th day after the operation, he informed.

Agarwal said that the cosmetic results achieved by this approach has a positive effect on the psyche of these young patients, who aspire to go into sporting activities and get married in future.

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