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Dr. K. Vijaya Laxmi
Health care visionary and founder of Vijaya Health Care
Medical Equipments
Vijaya Health Care boasts of a wide range of equipments which are used across its hospital. These have been sourced from the world's best manufacturers of medical equipment and are maintained and operated to perfection by our skilled technicians with facilities for calibration usually.

Vijaya Health Care has the following equipment for treating its patients:

  • 12 Lead ECG.
  • Signal Averaged ECG.
  • Philips Sonus 7500 Echocardiography machine
  • Sysmex KX-21multi parameter blood cell counter
  • Stat-fax-3300 semi auto analyzer for biochemistry
  • 10 MA X Ray Units.
  • MC.1000 plus auto coagulation organizer
  • Electrolyte plus analyzer for electrolytes.
  • Stat-fax-3300 semi auto analyzer for biochemistry.
  • Seimens-500MA machine for X ray.
  • Eosate Ultraband Color doppler and ECHO.

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