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Dr. K. Vijaya Laxmi
Health care visionary and founder of Vijaya Health Care
Emergency Medicine

Our department of Emergency Medicine is a highly specialized unit which provides emergency care to patients who suffer from various types of emergency situations. These medical care emergencies come without warning and need the skilled hands of highly trained intensivists who are able to monitor and manage the emergency medical conditions of every patient irrespective of the complexity. The emergency unit is under round the clock coverage of experienced intensivists and anesthetists.

Our department of emergency medicine offers the following services

  • Accident care and victim management for all types of emergency situations
  • Specialized treatment for specific types of emergencies which include Stroke, Heart attack, Coma, Lung failure etc.
  • Handling of critical ICCU functions for emergency medical treatment
  • Treatment of severe wounds and injuries which occur due to various reasons

Doctors for Emergency Medicine
Dr. K Shankar ,M.D.  Department of Emergency Medicine
Dr. Anil Kumar Jha MD., DTM.,  Department of Emergency Medicine
Prof. Naga Varma, M.D., D.A  Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. H RajeshKhanna ,M.D.   Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. C.R. Murali ,M.D.   Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. Shyam Raj ,M.D.   Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. Uma Rani   Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. Bharath Kumar   Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. Surya   Department of Anesthesiology
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