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Dr. K. Vijaya Laxmi
Health care visionary and founder of Vijaya Health Care

Vijaya Health Care provides a wide range of Paediatric services of the highest standards. This specialized department handles various cases related to new born Infants and children of different ages. With well equipped child care and trauma centers, Vijaya Health Care can handle even the most complex cases in a successful manner.

We provide the following services in our Paediatric department.

  • Neonatal resuscitation
  • Basic New born care
  • Neonatal intensive care.
  • Immunizations
  • Infant and Childhood nutrition and dietetics.
  • Paediatric infectious diseases
  • Paediatric rheumatology
  • Paediatric neurology
  • Growth and Development.

With our philosophy of laying down healthy habits right from birth, we emphasize on early and exclusive breast feeding. At Vijaya Health Care, awe follow the Baby friendly Hospital Initiative Guidelines, with a view of establishing lifetime healthy feeding habits, we counsel the parents of young infants regarding the timing and type of complementary feeding. We believe in rational drug therapy and follow recommended guidelines in our Paediatric Patient care. Our young patients are happy to come back to us due to the family like atmosphere provided by our staff. Our belief in maintaining health rather than curing disease is amply reflected in our approach to new born and Paediatric practice.

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Prof A Venkatesh- M.D, Dch  Department of Paediatrics
Dr Rama,M.D  Department of Paediatrics
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