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Dr. K. Vijaya Laxmi
Health care visionary and founder of Vijaya Health Care

"We visted Vijaya Healthcare for the diagnosis of Gastric Ulcer. This diagnosis was performed with skillfull effeciency and all the doctors were extremely supportive in their treatment. We were very happy with the way the doctors treated us and explained to us in detail about every query which we had about the ulcer and provided detailed information on how the treatment would be done and performed. We are very grateful to Vijaya Healthcare for helping us find out our health condition and putting us on the path of right treatment". Latha and Ramesh Hyderabad

"Vijaya Healthcare is one of the finest speciality hospitals which i have visted. Right from entering the hospital we were given the best preferential treatment and made to feel at home. Every aspect of the treatment was clearly explained and we were guided through the process of getting my fracture treated in a effective manner. Every aspect of our treatment was carefully monitored and we were extremely satisfied at the outcome. We would recomend Vijaya Healthcare to every one". Mr and Mrs Pratap Singh Hyderabad

Our experience at Vijaya Healthcare has been highly professional. My Husband had come for a laproscopic surgery and every step of the treatment process went through very smoothly. Right from the admission process to the surgery and the post operative care, every step of our treatment was managed and handled in an extremely professional manner which has made our stay at Vijaya Hospital extremely comfortable and well cared for.Ramesh and Sudha Warangal

I was initially skeptical about going to Vijaya Healthcare for plastic surgery. But after hearing about the quality standards of the hospital from various sources, i decided to go ahead and get the surgery performed. The whole surgical process went seamlessly and a team of trained doctors performed the surgical process. Even after the surgical process, i recovered very rapidly and was able to resume my normal activities in a very short period of time. I am extremely grateful to all the doctors at Vijaya for giving me a new lease of life and confidence. Harish, Hyderabad

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