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Dr. K. Vijaya Laxmi
Health care visionary and founder of Vijaya Health Care

The need of the hour in view of the ageing population is identified by the MD of Vijaya health care Dr.Mrs .K.Vijayalakshmi . In continuation of the same priority being given by VHC, the Physicians at VHC are tuned to the requirements of the ageing population.

Many camps have been conducted for the elders in the community as an outreach on occasions including the times when the city of Hyderabad was experienced a water logging due to rains and the area of Safil guda was inundated. Just in order to reach the elders who could not come to the health camps held in the vicinity a team went on temporary boats provided there to visit the elders in the houses which got inundated in the year of 2004.

The problems of incontinence among the women in the aged can be addressed through a relatively simple operation which is made available for the women in VHC

There is a free bone Mineral densitometry testing done once a month since 3 years.There is a service of Physiotherapy on the basis of home based session to be done after training the elders being taked up on all days under the supervision of qualified Orthpoaedic surgeons apart form the Physiotherapists.

Need for vaccination in children is a known fact for all including children. However the need for the vaccination for the elders Geriatric population is not known for many including the educated adults and elders. To lay focus on this issue VHC strives at providing the availability of the vaccines needed for the elders at concessional rates on the third sunday of every month days at the hospital.

VHC also has the committed availability of qualified geriatricians in its fold since the last three years.

There is a geriatric clinic being run on the third sunday making it convenient to the attendants who may be busy to help the elders during the working days and appointments need to be taken on the thursday for the week end for the same.

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