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Dr. K. Vijaya Laxmi
Health care visionary and founder of Vijaya Health Care
Emergency Services

Emergencies never come with a warning, that is why Vijaya Health Care's emergency services are on alert 24/7. With highly trained paramedical staff who are able to manage and handle any type of cases, our emergency services department is highly streamlined to handle any type of emergency within minutes.

We have a wide range of emergency medical services which are available for patients round the clock. These include the following

  • Emergency Triage Services for patients based on their condition
  • A fully equipped emergency trauma ward which is provided with all the facilities for handling emergency patients.
  • Highly advanced laboratory and diagnostic services for handling ER cases
  • Closely knit department structure which is designed to provide rapid medical care services for all types of patient with a minimal response time.
  • An advanced clinical detection unit and outpatient unit
  • World Class medical imaging and scanning equipment which is manned by skill operators 24/7.
  • Neuro Intensive and respiratory services which are designed for handling complex cases.

When a patient comes to our hospital, he is assured of the best possible emergency treatment and care due to the highly systematic and fine tuned processes which we follow in our hospital. This ensures that we waste minimal time in starting patient treatment and providing them quality medical care and save lives.

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