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Dr. K. Vijaya Laxmi
Health care visionary and founder of Vijaya Health Care
Surgical Oncology

Vijaya Health Care has the best surgical oncology department when compared to any other hospital and offers the following services for patients who come to us.

Minor Oncology Surgical Procedures

We perform various types of minor surgical procedures which do not require hospitalization of the patient. This includes various types of endoscopies which are required for treating cancer patients.

Detection of Gastro Intestinal Cancers

Our hospital also specializes in the detection of Gastro Intestinal Cancers which are now affecting a larger part of the population. We use various advanced equipment for detection of Gastro Intestinal Cancers which is very useful for patients to start on their therapies at the earliest.

Cancer Detetcion

Our Surgical Oncology department also specializes in detecting various types of cancers and tumour growths which are present in the body. These cancers and tumours are detected using various techniques which are available to our doctors and can be easily identified by placing the patient under the out patient department.

Our department of sugrical oncology is achieving great strides in delivering the best services for patients on all fronts. With a committed team of doctors and skilled infrastructure, our facilities are second to none when compared to any other hospital.

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